Tilting frying pan with agitator

Today, you can not imagine a modern industrial kitchen without the tilting frying pan. In the field of food processing, the tilting frying pan which has been developed by Berief especially for industrial use, has maintained its constant position. Ideally suited for roasting meat, cooking and stewing vegetables and other foodstuffs, the tilting frying pan is flexible, especially in the processing of small batches. The pan is equipped with an electrical heating system. The heating bars are mounted inside a double shell which is filled with thermal oil. This allows an even heat distribution and also a high capacity of the heat accumulator which eliminates a drop of temperature in the pan intensifying the roasting process.

  • Solid industrial version
  • Indirect electrical heating with thermal oil
  • Constant temperature distribution and high energy storage capacity
  • Version with agitator available
  • Continuous temperature control and cooking timer
  • Standard sizes: 130, 225 litres; 150 litres with agitator
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