Dispersion Kettle

The dispersion kettle is used for the production of liquid products. Its high-speed dispersing agitator and the anchor-shaped agitator provide an optimal mixing and disintegration of the ingredients while the optional heating with steam via a double jacket allows also the hot production of products. On the one hand, the machine can be used as a stand-alone production unit for example for soups, sauces, infusions and others. On the other hand, the dispersion kettle is often used as a side unit for tilting cooking kettles, for example, in order to prepare starch suspensions or sauce bases which are added later to the product in the tilting cooking kettle in order to bind or complete the products.

  • Conically shaped kettle body
  • Slowly running anchor-shaped agitator
  • High-speed dispersion agitator in the lower kettle part
  • Adaptation in modular design to the products to be processed
  • As an option, heating can be made with steam via a double jacket
  • Standard sizes: 200, 400, 800 and 1200 litres total content
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