An essential success factor for industrial kitchens is the efficient flexibility, especially when smaller batches have to be produced. Therefore it is often not recommended especially in the ready meal sector to use continuous systems. The cooking kettle with slewing basket type HODAKO-S offers the possibility to blanch or cook smaller batches quickly and economically. The very fast heating behaviour offers the required flexibility in a kitchen. This is achieved by the heating with high-pressure steam. Due to a cascade arrangement of several kettles, a cooking-cooling process can be realised, one kettle being used as cooking kettle and the others a cooling kettle. The cooling is made directly with fresh and/or cooled water. The kettle is emptied into standard bins. 

  • Heating with high-pressure steam up to 5 bar
  • Pneumatic actuation of the basket
  • Basket perforation adapted to the product
  • Temperature controller and cooking timer
  • Standard sizes: Kettle 500 litres, basket 350 litres total volume, Cascade arrangement with 2 or three kettles
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