Continuous cooking and cooling systems type KODUKO / KODUKÜ

This line is based on the proven technology of the continuous cooking and cooling systems type KODUKO / KODUKÜ. Among others, rice and pasta products are cooled in this system and vegetable products are blanched. The heating and cooling of the process water is made indirectly by means of steam or cooling medium in heat exchangers. A continuous process, constant product quality and gentle treatment of the food products – these are the main features of this production line.

Product transfer system
Via a conveyor, the product can be transferred to the cooking plant either manually or from tanks.

Continuous cooking plant type KODUKO
Drum-type cooking plant with perforated drum and welded screw for a gentle and constant transport of the product during the cooking process. The process water is permanently pumped over and distributed within the machine.

Continuous cooling plant type KODUKÜ
The cooking plant is directly followed by a cooling plant. It is according to the same principle as the cooking plant, but with cooled process water.

Vibration channel for de-watering
After the cooling in the water bath, the de-watering is made via a vibration channel. Afterwards, the product is transferred for further processing / filling.

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