The continuous contact belt grill type DUBRA (Teflon®-belt grill) points the way to roasting processes with regard to healthy food and highest quality. Due to the simultaneous contact roasting from both sides between two stainless steel platens heated by thermal oil by using Teflon® belts, additional cooking fats or oils can be eliminated. The visual effect of the roasted products is similar to a pan-made product. With this machine, products can either be only browned on the one hand but also be be browned and roasted completely. Also a roasting process without browning is possible. A gentle and taste-intensive processing of the product with minor roasting loss is one of the main features of this Teflon® belt grill. 

  • Stainless steel roasting platens with a five-year guarantee
  • Teflon® roasting belts
  • Thermal oil as indirect heating medium
  • Products from 2 mm
  • Gentle belt drive and control system
  • Continuous belt cleaning by means of steam
  • Easy cleaning due to open frame construction
  • Modular system for individual adaptation of the machine size to product and performance
  • PLC control with recipe administration
  • Possibility of connection to production process controls
  • Standard belt width: 600 mm
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